Debbie G.

Member since 1989

"Thank you for the advance notification of your software upgrade and for making the improvements. You are the best! I often do banking with your [service centers]. All are professional transactions with our safety being of paramount importance. Credit unions are the best and oh so handy when you are not always near Sooper Credit Union all of the time. Having the freedom to make occasional deposits and withdrawals from other states is such a nice perk."

Karen C.

Member since 1989

"I started with Colorado Central Credit Union in the early 80's. I have always been met with the utmost respect from all the employees. When Sooper Credit Union took over much to my surprise the employees continued to be so nice. I visit my credit union about 2 times a week and everyone is always nice, they ask if there is anything I need or want to change. I can honestly say I have never had a bad time when at the credit union. If I have used my card somewhere that's not familiar I get a call to make sure it is me using my card. I can say without a doubt I would not go back to a traditional banking system. I'm hooked with Sooper Credit Union and always will be. I love you all for being you."

Barbara A.

Member since 1980

"I have been a member with Sooper Credit Union for about 35 years now. I have always been pleased with all the available services both at the branches and over the telephone. Also, that I can do all my banking at other credit union locations. Direct deposits have been extremely helpful and a no-brainer over the years. Not only are the checking accounts and savings accounts a no hassle system, but the Christmas Club is a painless way to save and not worry about funds when the holidays come."

Janice J.

Member since 2012

"In addition to the friendliest people ever, I think the Rewards Checking (Kasasa Cash) is the absolute best! The BEST!"

Isaac P.

Member since 1992

"I have been a member for many years. I wouldn't think about going anywhere else for a loan or for any other type of financial service. I am always treated as a friend and not as a number. I greatly appreciate the attention and dedication of the entire team at Sooper."

Anna A.

Member since 1993

"I have been at Sooper for over 20 years. I really have a lot of memories at your old location, but the new Arvada branch is very beautiful and up-to-date!"

Ruby H.

Member since 1984

"Whenever I have to do business at Sooper CU, I am always amazed to see how welcoming, friendly and helpful everyone is. They greet you by name and it always makes me feel so happy. I definitely appreciate Sooper Credit Union!"

Carol C.

Member since 1985

"I have been with Sooper for over 30 years and it's been a great experience. I would not go anywhere else!"

Jane F.

Member since 2008

"The tellers know me by my name, not a number. They are fast, efficient and very nice!"

Becky B.

Member since 1990

"There isn't a better credit union anywhere. We will never change how we bank. We have been customers a long time. Sooper folks at a Sooper credit union!"

Brian O.

Member since 1981

"I love the convenience of online banking and shared branching. No matter where I'm at, it's always easy to access my account!"

Matthew H., Huffman Surveying

Member since 2012

"The staff at Sooper Credit Union are always welcoming and friendly. They are a trusted business resource and I recommend their services regularly. Thanks Sooper CU."

Catherine M., P&C Agency

Member since 2010

"When we moved our business to Arvada, the first thing we did after signing the lease was to open our business account at Sooper CU. The tellers are friendly and efficient and I love that the drive through is open earlier and later than at other banking institutions - very convenient for a business owner. We are very happy with our partnership with Sooper Credit Union!"