Switch to Sooper

Switching to Sooper Credit Union is easy!

Switching financial institutions doesn't have to be a hassle. Let Sooper Credit Union guide you through the process with our Sooper Switch Kit. Follow the 3 simple steps and see how Sooper Credit Union is better, by every account!

Step One: Become A Member

Step Two: Get Organized

Automatic Deposits/Deductions:

  • Identify all automatic deposits and deductions that you'll be switching to Sooper Credit Union
  • Use the Direct Deposit Authorization form to move any automatic deposits to Sooper. Examples of automatic deposits include: payroll, retirement, Social Security, veterans benefits, disability, etc.
  • Use the Automatic Withdrawal Authorization form to authorize and request changes for any automatic payments. Examples of automatic withdrawals include: mortgage, insurance (life, auto, homeowners), utility companies, credit cards, loans, etc.

Helpful Hints - Automatic Deposits and Deductions:

  • Contact Each Company: Determine where you need to send the notice of change. Some companies have this information available on their website or billing statements. Make sure no other forms are required.
  • Track Your Requests: Confirm your automatic deposits and deductions with Sooper Credit Union by checking your statements, logging into online banking or by calling 303-427-5005.
  • Follow Up: Automatic deposits should take effect within three deposit periods, and automatic deductions should take effect within two withdrawal periods. If you don't see the deposits/deductions within this time frame, please contact the company. Keep your former account open until all automatic deposits/deductions have been switched.
  • Remember: Some companies or organizations like the Social Security Administration may require a special form. Contact the company or income source to make sure no other forms are required. For your convenience, the Social Security Administration website is http://www.ssa.gov.
  • If you have more than one automatic deposit/deduction, please print additional forms as needed.

Online Banking/Bill Pay:

If you use online bill pay, use the Bill Payment Organizer to keep track of all the information you need to switch online banking and bill pay information to your new Sooper Credit Union online banking. Remember, online banking and bill pay is FREE with Sooper Credit Union!

Step Three: Close Former Account

  • Once all of your automatic deposits, automatic deductions and, if necessary, online bill payments have been switched to Sooper Credit Union, it's time to close out your former account.
  • Your former financial institution may require additional forms or a written request to close your account. Contact your former financial institution to make sure no other items are required.
  • Use the Close Account Request form to notify your former financial institution.