SCU Community Foundation

What is it?

At Sooper, we believe in giving back and supporting our community. That's why we created The SCU Community Foundation; a way for us to focus and direct our philanthropic efforts for the credit union and use them exclusively for charitable and educational purposes.

The SCU Community Foundation was incorporated in January 2009 by the Sooper Credit Union Board of Directors, and The Foundation was granted its 501(c)(3) designation by the Internal Revenue Service in April 2009. The Foundation Board is comprised of seven members. Three of the Board members represent the credit union and four are community leaders from Arvada, where the credit union's corporate office is located.

Who Do We Help?

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Each year, the SCU Community Foundation provides $10,000 in scholarships to young members of the credit union to assist in furthering their education. The Foundation also assists many community organizations, such as food banks, sponsors events, and supports a variety of shelters in the metro area.

Board of Directors

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Left to right: Jill Fellman, Director; Luke Heesacker, Director; Michelle Francis, Vice Chair; Dale Rutt, Chairman; Donna Ogorek, Director; Mike Litzau, Secretary/Treasurer.

  • Dale Rutt, Chairman
  • Retired King Soopers Store Manager, Sooper Credit Union Board Director Emeritus
  • Michelle Francis, Vice Chairman
  • Financial Advisor/Marketing Director, PBS Wealth Management
  • Mike Litzau, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Executive Vice President of Corporate, Sooper Credit Union
  • Jill Fellman, Director
  • Retired Educator
  • Luke Heesacker, Director
  • Owner, Arvada Rent-Alls
  • Donna Ogorek, Director
  • Key Relationship Manager, Harland Clarke
  • Josh Ingram, Director
  • AMAM, Colchin Automotive Inc.

How to Donate

If you would like to support the SCU Community Foundation, here are a few easy ways to donate:

  • Mail: SCU Community Foundation, 5005 W 60th Ave, Arvada, CO 80003
  • Telephone: To make a donation by credit card over the phone, call Secretary/Treasurer Mike Litzau at 303.430.5502.
  • Types of Donations Accepted: Cash, Checks, Money Orders, Visa®, Mastercard® and Discover®.

If you would like to contact the SCU Community Foundation, please email