Home Equity Loans

Home Equity Loans

Home Equity

Home Equity Line of Credit Promo

Low 12-month introductory rate of 3.99% APR.^

[Current rates are as low as 5.75% APR*.]

Four Walls a roof and a dream. As a home owner you're building dreams one payment at a time. Equity in your home provides a solid foundation. What is built on that foundation is up to you. Dream vacations, home improvements, educational expenses, debt consolidation, and more! You can't afford to miss this opportunity to make your dreams come true with a low 12-month introductory rate. Apply today and bring your dreams with you.

^APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Rate is current as of May 1, 2019. This rate is effective for 12 months from the date of opening and will revert to the rate you qualified for at the time of application. The rate you pay depends upon your credit history, credit qualification, and loan to value. Not all applicants will qualify for the lowest rate. The annual percentage rate may vary after the account is opened and may fluctuate quarterly based on prime rate + the qualifying margin, with a maximum rate of 18.00% APR. All applications subject to qualification. Fees for appraisal, title insurance, flood hazard determination, and recording charges may apply. The estimated aggregate of credit union and third-party fees ranges from $95.52 to $1,600. Property insurance required.

Home Equity Line of Credit

Get the security of a loan with the flexibility of a line of credit. Draw from your home equity to fund that major expense. Use what you need, when you need it. Then pay it all off and use it again — without having to reapply.


• Draw on your home equity for financing

• Use what you need, when you need it

• Pay it off and reuse, without having to reapply

• Interest only payments may be tax deductible*

• Convenient automatic online payments

• Local processing for fast approvals and efficiency

• Attentive personalized service right here in Colorado

Home Equity Loan

Turn to your own home the next time you need money. It's simple. Use the equity you've built in your home to fund that tuition hike, consolidate high interest debt, or take that much-needed vacation.

A home equity loan or line of credit offers a safety cushion to help you sleep at night, without having to empty your savings. We offer low rates and easy payment plans.


• Low rate financing using your home equity as collateral

• Flexible payment plans to fit your budget

• Interest only payments may be tax deductible*

• Convenient automatic online payments

• No prepayment penalty to pay off loan quickly

• Local processing for fast decisioning and efficiency

• Attentive personalized service here in Colorado

See our rates.

*Consult your tax advisor.

Express Mortgages

Have equity and looking for a low-interest, short-term mortgage loan? Consider an express mortgage from Sooper. Refinance your first mortgage or get cash out of your home. Call now to start your application!


  • Low, fixed rate
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Easy pay with online banking

NMLS#: 422866

Loan Coupon

Need to print payment coupons?

At Sooper, our goal is to make managing your accounts as convenient as possible. To aid in this process, loan payment coupons are available to print here. Payment coupons may also be printed upon request at any of our branch locations.

Looking for an even easier way to make your payment? Sign up for Online Banking to transfer payments directly from your Sooper account, or use our free Bill Pay system.


Interested in the value of your home?

Use this tool to obtain comparable sale prices of properties located in your neighborhood.

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Note: Comparable sales data is being provided by ValueCheck, Inc. (www.valuecheck.com) and is for research and reference purposes only. Comparable sales data is available for most counties in Colorado. A written appraisal performed by a licensed appraiser may be required for your loan.

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