Online Banking & Bill Pay

Online Banking & Bill Pay


Trade the teller lines and drive through windows for online banking and bill pay. Manage accounts from your own computer — and as a Sooper member, it's free.

Log on to view your account balances or transfer funds with just a couple key strokes. Use bill pay to stay on top of recurring payments and let the automatic bill pay feature do the work. It beats having to visit the credit union every time you need to make a transaction.


  • Anytime account management from your own computer
  • View account balances in real time
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Make loan payments
  • Sign up for bill pay to save time and money
  • Use automatic payments for recurring bills and avoid late payments and fees
  • Encrypted to keep your financial information secure
  • View copies of cleared checks


Simplify Your Finances. Imagine the Possibilities.

Want to get a better grasp on your money? Use SooperView to categorize transactions, track your spending, set goals and establish a realistic budget. SooperView is our personal financial management tool, where you can keep track of accounts from all your financial institutions in one easy-to-view platform.

Online Banking FAQs

What is the difference between Sooper Teller and Online Banking?

Sooper Teller transactions are conducted via touchtone phone. Online Banking requires a computer and access to the internet to conduct transactions. Both features allow you direct access to your accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What does Online Banking consider to be my "Member Number"?

When logging onto Online Banking, enter the member number you see in the upper right-hand corner of your statement. Do not use your social security number or include numbers that represent account types such as S1 (Savings) or S6 (Free Checking). Unlike Sooper Teller, Online Banking does not require you to enter the first two initials of your last name.

Your "Forgot Password" system doesn't work!

"Forgot Password" can only be used if you have not yet been locked out of your account. After 3 failed login attempts, the system will lock you out to prevent unauthorized access to your account. If you think you have forgotten your password, do not keep trying to log on. Immediately click on the "Forgot Password" option to begin the procedure of logging into your account.

My browser saves my user ID and password. I changed my password yesterday, and today it doesn't work.

If you change your Online Banking password, you will need to erase the old password when your browser pre-fills it and then type in your new password. Once you do this, your browser should display a prompt allowing you to choose if you want the browser to remember this new password.

Can I use letters instead of numbers for my Online Banking password?

Yes, your Online Banking password can contain letters, numbers and special characters.

What is a "secure cookie"?

A "secure cookie" is a small file containing data that is placed on a computer to help identify the user. In this case, the cookie that is stored on your PC during login allows you to bypass your personalized security questions whenever you access online banking from your registered computer. The secure cookie will periodically expire on your computer and when it does, you will be required to go through your full Online Banking login (including your personalized security questions) so that you can register your computer again for future logins.

Can I download my account information into Quicken?

Yes, our Online Banking system is fully compatible with Quicken.

Why is the on-screen response time slow?

There are several factors that influence the speed of internet transmissions, including your computer's hardware, your processor speed and the amount of RAM (Random Access Memory) available on your hardware.

How current is the information I obtain through Online Banking?

The information you obtain through Online Banking is the exact information that we have stored on our computer systems. Our Online Banking service is real time and therefore, all of the information you see is the exact information that you would be given if you were to visit our office, use an ATM machine or Service Center/Outlet to inquire about your accounts.

How quickly are transactions posted by Online Banking?

Online Banking transactions occur instantly in "real time" during our normal operating hours. Outside our normal operating hours, your transactions will affect your available balance but the transaction history will not show up until the next business day.

What if I make a transaction error that I can't fix?

If you need help to fix a transaction error, call 303-427-5005 during business hours or toll free at 1-888-SOOPER-1.

Bill Pay FAQs

How do I sign up for Sooper Credit Union's Bill Pay?

To gain access to Sooper Credit Union's Bill Pay, log on to Online Banking using your member account number and password. Once you're logged in, select the "Bill Pay" icon from the Online Banking menu. Then read and agree to the Terms and Conditions Agreement, select the default funding account, and confirm the registration.

How much does it cost to use Sooper Credit Union's Bill Pay?

Sooper Credit Union's Bill Pay is FREE.

Who can I pay using Bill Pay?

You can pay any individual or entity as long as the individual or entity has an address in the United States or its possessions/territories. Payee examples include: your monthly telephone or utility bill, rent, credit card bills, daycare, or payment by check to your son/daughter who is away at college. However, at this time, the IRS does not accept payments through the bill pay system.

How many separate payees may I add?

The number of payees you may add to Bill Pay are unlimited.

How many bills can I pay each month through Bill Pay?

The number of bills you can pay each month are unlimited.

Do I need to contact each of my Payees and let them know that I am going to be using an automated bill pay system to pay them?

No, that isn't necessary.

Can I send money to an account at another financial institution?

Yes. In order to do this, you will need to add the financial institution as a payee. Be sure to reference the account number where the funds should be credited and the name on the account, as well. Funds for these payments will be issued in the form of a check.

How many days does it take for my payment to reach the Payee?

The service automatically determines the earliest possible due date/deliver by date based on the number of business days required to deliver a payment to the Payee. This is affected by whether or not the Payee has agreed to accept remittance of payments electronically (typically two (2) business days) or requires payments be delivered by check (typically four (4) or five (5) business days). A Payee's location or policies for posting and crediting payments may require additional business days. Payments scheduled after the service's cut-off time shall be processed no earlier than the following business day. Currently, the cut-off time is 12:00 p.m. Mountain Standard Time, but the service provider and/or Sooper Credit Union may change the cut-off time without prior notice.

My payee needs proof that they received my check. How may I obtain a check copy?

To view a copy of a bill pay payment that was sent by check, select "View" for the payment in question, then select "View Check".

Check copies can also be requested by phone by calling 1-866-645-0933.

When do I need to have the funds in my account to cover my bill pay request?

You need to have available funds in your account by 2:00 p.m. MST on the scheduled "Process Date".

Can I schedule a payment if funds are not available yet?

You can schedule a payment any time for any amount. If the funds are not available on the scheduled "Process date", the payment will be treated as an NSF and the payment will not be processed. Your account may also be charged a fee. Please click here to view the current list of fees.

What do I do if one of my Payees' addresses changes?

The database is updated automatically if Payee information changes. To manually alter information:

  • From the list of people and businesses you pay on the "Make Payments" page, click the appropriate name.
  • Result: A window with a listing of tasks appears.
  • Click the "View/Change Payee Details" link.
  • Result: The Payee Details page appears.
  • Within the payee information section, click the "Change Payee" link
  • Result: The Edit Payee page appears.
  • Make the required changes and click "Save Changes."

Note: You cannot change address information if you are receiving e-bills or if this is a consolidated payee. A consolidated payee is an organization, which provides us with a preferred address to which payments should be sent. This address may be different than the address originally entered, which is displayed online.

Result: A confirmation page appears that details your payee information changes.

Can I pay a person or business if I don't have an account number?

Yes, you don't need an account number to make a payment.

How does my payee know whom the payment is from?

When you set up a new bill, the information you enter (such as an account number) and the name on the bill is passed on to your payee with the payment.

What do I do with the part of the invoice or bill that I usually mail back to the Payee with my payment? Doesn't the vendor need that to process my payment?

No. You can simply destroy that part of your bill. All of the necessary information is provided by you by accurately filling in the required fields, and the service provides this information to the Payee with each payment.

How is the payment sent to my Payee?

There are two possible methods of submitting the payment to your Payee: Payments may be made electronically via the Automated Clearing House (ACH) or by a check. The method of payment depends upon the processing method that can be accommodated by the Payee (e.g., some Payees are unable to accept electronic payments). Note: You cannot select the payment method; this is determined systematically at the time of payment processing.

Can I schedule a payment in advance? How far in advance?

Yes. You can schedule a payment up to one year in advance of the payment due date.

What about payments I make every month for the same amount? How can I do this easily without repeating the payment request every month?

You can establish a recurring payment. To set up a recurring payment, click the "make it recurring" link located in the "Action" column of your payee on the payment page. Enter the amount; select the pay from account and the frequency you want your payments to be automatically scheduled.

Can I change an automatic payment to a manual payment?

Yes. To change an automatic payment to a manual payment:

  • Click the "View/Change Payee Details" link.
  • Result: The Payee Details page appears.
  • Within the Automatic Payments section, click the "Change Options" link.
  • Result: The Set Payment Options page appears.
  • From the Payment option field, select "Pay Manually."
  • Click "Save Changes."

Result: A confirmation page appears summarizing this change.

Can I make a payment from any of my accounts?

You can make payments from any associated checking account.

Can I place a stop payment on a bill payment?

You may edit or stop a payment prior to 12:00 PM MST on the date the payment is scheduled to process. If the transaction has already been processed and was sent by check and has not been paid, you may place a stop payment by contacting us toll free at 866-645-0933. Please click here to view the current list of fees. If the funds were sent electronically, the payment cannot be stopped.

What should I do if the payment has been deducted from my account, but has not yet been received by the creditor?

Please contact us toll free at 1-866-645-0933 or use our live chat feature to research the transaction.

What web browsers do you support?

We regularly monitor and test browsers to ensure the highest security standards. The following browsers are supported by bill pay for use:

  • Internet Explorer version 11
  • MS Edge - all versions
  • Firefox version 31 and above
  • Safari version 6 and above for Mac
  • Google Chrome version 42 and above

Note: Cookies and JavaScript must be enabled.

Other browsers and operating systems may be used; however, they are not supported and some features may not function properly. A new version of a browser or operating system will be supported shortly after the release date.

For maximum security, always use the latest version of a browser. Beta versions of browsers and operating systems are not recommended or supported. Additionally, if a browser or operating system is no longer supported by the vendor, it is not supported.

Is there an easy way to ask questions about Bill Pay, such as questions about a payment or a payee?

Yes, the Message Center is a location within bill pay where communication regarding your account or payments can be shared securely. Messages are retained for 180 days from the date the message was received or sent and will be systematically deleted after that time elapses.

How do I terminate or discontinue Sooper Credit Union Bill Pay?

Please contact us at 303-427-5005 (toll-free at 1-888-SOOPER-1) and a representative will assist you.

When will my cancellation take effect?

Cancellations are effective immediately.

If I decide to stop Bill Pay, when and how may I restart the service if I choose to?

You may restart the service at any time, by selecting the "Pay Bills" option on the online banking main menu. You will again need to agree to our terms and conditions on the "Bill Payment Registration" screen. Please keep in mind, once you stop Bill Pay, all of your payee information will be deleted, and you will need to add your payees again after restarting the service.

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