Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking


Get the features of online banking, from the convenience of your mobile phone or mobile device.

This means you can check account balances right there at the store, transfer funds while you're waiting in line, or pay bills while sitting in traffic (if you're not the one driving!). It's as easy as logging on, and since you're a Sooper member, it's free!


  • Easy account management from your smartphone or mobile device
  • Download the app for easy access
  • iPhone®
  • View account balances in real time
  • Review transactions
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Make loan payments
  • And more
  • Encrypted for your security, even if your phone is lost or stolen

You must log in to Online Banking and navigate to the mobile enrollment tab to activate mobile banking. For more information, read our mobile and text banking FAQs.

Mobile Banking FAQs

What is "Mobile Banking?"

Mobile Banking is a version of Online Banking that has been tailored for your mobile device. It is particularly useful for those who don't use Android™ or Apple® devices. If you have web browsing on your mobile device, then you can use Mobile Banking.

What if my mobile device gets lost or stolen?

If your mobile device is lost or stolen, your accounts will still be secure. Mobile Banking requires that you login with your Login ID and password each time before you can access any personal information or accounts.

Can I access all of my accounts within mobile banking?

Yes, all of the accounts that you have at Sooper Credit Union will be displayed upon logging in.

What new features can I expect from mobile banking?

You'll be able to review account details and history, make transfers to and from accounts, make ACH payments and even set alerts for reminders.

SooperMobile App

What is SooperMobile?

SooperMobile is our app version of Online Banking. It is designed for both Apple® and Android™ devices - both smart phones and tablets.

What can I do with the SooperMobile smart phone application?

  • Check account balances
  • View account history
  • Make transfers
  • Locate the nearest Sooper branch or ATM
  • And more!

Where can I download the SooperMobile App?

SooperMobile can be downloaded from either the Google® Play Store or the Apple® App Store.

How do I set up Mobile Banking?

  • Login to Online Banking using your User ID and Password.
  • Select Mobile under Preferences.
  • Click the Mobile Enrollment tab.
  • Check the box that states "Yes, enable my User ID and Password for use on my mobile device."
  • Select the Mobile Authorizations tab to create your Mobile Authentication Code (MAC). You must create a MAC in order to make transactions within the SooperMobile app.
  • What if I forget my Mobile Authorization Code (MAC)?

If you forget your Mobile Authorization Code (MAC), you will need to login to Online Banking and navigate to the mobile page to see what your code is. Sooper Credit Union employees do not have access to retrieve Mobile Authorization Codes.

How much does the SooperMobile App cost?

SooperMobile is completely free of charge.

What about my mobile carrier? Will they charge me for using the SooperMobile App?

Your mobile carrier's data rates will apply when using the application. If you don't have an unlimited data plan, it is recommended that you check your phone's data usage to avoid overage charges.

SMS/Text Banking

Check your balance, transfer funds, and more all through text messages!

What is "Text Banking?"

Text Banking allows you to manage your accounts easily by using simple text message commands. You don't need a smartphone to use Text Banking - if you can text on your phone, you can use Text Banking. Keep in mind that your mobile carrier's text messaging rates will apply once this option is enabled.

What can I do with Text Banking?

Text Banking allows you to transfer funds, check balances, view account history and even make transfers!

How do I set up Text Banking?

  • Login to Online Banking.
  • Click the Mobile option under Preferences.
  • Select the Text Banking Tab.
  • Click the Enable and authorize Text banking on the below mobile device option.
  • Enter in your mobile phone number into the SMS Text Number field.
  • Check the Agree to Terms box.
  • Click Submit when finished.
  • A popup will appear that says "Before you can view your accounts on your text device, you must configure your accounts. Would you like to do so now?" Click Ok.
  • Select the accounts you want to enable for Text Banking and enter a nickname for each one. Click Submit when finished.
  • You should then receive a notification via text message stating that you've enabled Text Banking.

What commands can I use with the Text Banking feature?

BAL (Account nickname) - This command is used to check the balance on accounts.

HIST (Account nickname) - This command gives you an account history of the account you've requested.

XFER (Account nickname) - This command will allow you to transfer funds to and from accounts.

HELP - This command will send you a list of contact points for Sooper Credit Union.

STOP - This command will stop all text message communication.

SMS Commands Photo

What number do I text the commands to?

To use Text Banking, send any of the above commands to 226563. For easier access and added security, add this code to your contacts.

Can I use both the SooperMobile App and Text Banking on my device?

Yes, you can use both Text Banking and the SooperMobile App on the same mobile device.

Can I register to use text banking for several accounts?

No. A cell phone number can only be registered for one member's account. For example, if you register your cell phone number for your account, you can transfer between all of your account types, but cannot use that same cell phone number for text banking on any of your joint accounts.

Do I have to register to use Mobile Banking in order to use Text Banking?

No, Text Banking and Mobile Banking are completely separate services. You may register to use Text Banking without registering for Mobile Banking.

Data carrier rates may apply.

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