Additional Services

Instant-Issue Debit Cards

Sooper offers a free Mastercard® debit card on all checking accounts. This gives you 24-hour access to the funds in your account via participating ATMs and any merchant displaying the Mastercard logo. Using your card saves you the hassle of writing a check, and purchases are automatically deducted from your checking account.

Want a debit card but don't have time to wait for it to come in the mail? No problem! We offer instant-issue debit cards at the Lakewood, Arvada and Grand Junction locations. Plus, you can choose from one of our many instant-issue debit card design options!

Please contact us at (303) 427-5005 or toll-free at 1 (888) SOOPER-1 to request a Mastercard debit card for your checking account today.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Safe deposit boxes are available at our Grand Junction branch only. Please contact us at (970) 242-0123, or toll free at 1-888-SOOPER-1 for availability.

Debit and Credit Card Travel Notification

Your security is important to us at Sooper. To ensure uninterrupted service while traveling, please provide us with your travel information prior to your trip. This will reduce the likelihood that your card is blocked due to activity outside of your usual area. Please call (303) 427-5005 to inform us of your travel plans or add a travel notification through Online Banking or Mobile Banking under "services."

If you're planning a trip, please check the status of your Sooper Credit Union issued Mastercard debit card in the country you're visiting. Because of the growth of international card fraud, Sooper Credit Union has limited (or blocked) use of credit union issued debit cards in certain countries to protect you from becoming a victim of fraud. If you have any questions about blocked or limited access countries, please call 1 (888) SOOPER-1 or (303) 427-5005.

The following is a list of all countries that are blocked from any type of use (signature and PIN-based) for the Mastercard debit card:

  • China
  • Cuba
  • Iran
  • Mexico
  • Myanmar (Burma)
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • Turkey

Order Checks

Several easy ways to reorder checks:

Wire Transfers

Sooper offers wire transfers to Members.

SooperTeller system

Don't have access to a computer? You can still manage your accounts with SooperTeller, our 24-hour telephone banking service. To access SooperTeller, call 303-427-5005 or toll-free at 1-888-SOOPER-1.