Holiday Club Account

Early Withdrawal/Closure Fee

$15.00each (prior to maturity)
Holiday Club Account

Re-Opening Fee

$15.00each time account is closed and re-opened
Vacation Club Account$15.00penalty each withdrawal (after 4 per year)
Money Market Account

Excessive Withdrawal Fee

$10.00per withdrawal if more than three withdrawals per month
Share/Savings Re-Opening Fee$10.00each time
Share/Savings Excessive WithdrawalFee$ 1.00per withdrawal if more than four withdrawals per month
Share Low Balance$ 5.00per month if minimum average monthly balance of $100.00 not maintained. (Waived if under age 18 or over age 55. New members have 90 days to bring the balance up to $100)
Third Party Check Pay$ 2.00each check
NSF Transfer From Savings Fee$ 5.00each time
Check Printing Fee (Harland Clarke)Fee varies depending on style (S.M.A.R.T.Club checks free - 1 box semi-annually)
Copy of Check Fee$ 2.00each time
Deposited Item Return Fee$10.00per item
Interest Checking Service Fee$ 7.00per month if $500 minimum checking balance is not maintained
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Fee$30.00per returned item
NSF Paid Item Fee$30.00per paid item
Courtesy Pay Fee$30.00per item
Stop Payment Fee ACH/Checking/Bill Pay$30.00per request
ACH NSF$30.00per item
Account Re-Open$10.00each time
ATM Card Fee$10.00each year
Temporary Checks Fee$ .20each (Waived for new accounts & S.M.A.R.T. Club)
Business Savings

Share Minimum Balance Fee

$5.00per month if minimum daily balance of $100 is not maintained (new members have 90 days to bring the balance up to $100)

Money Market Excessive Withdrawal Fee

$10.00per withdrawal if more than 3 withdrawals per month
Business Checking

Checking Minimum Balance Fee

$7.50per month if balance falls below $1,000.00 (new members have 90 days to bring the balance up to $1,000.00)

Interest Checking Minimum Balance Fee

$15.00per month if balance falls below $15,000.00 (new members have 90 days to bring the balance up to $15,000.00)

Business Interest Checking per item processing fee

$.30per item after 500 items per month
Late Charge Fee (past 10 days)$25.00
NSF Fee for Credit Card Payment$25.00
Foreign Transaction1.10% of each foreign currency transaction in U.S. dollars
0.90% of each U.S. dollar transaction that occurs in a foreign country
OTHER SERVICE FEES (for all other accounts)
Account Reconciliation Fee$30.00per hour
Account Research Fee$30.00per hour
Cashiers Check Fee$5.00per check (waived for S.M.A.R.T. Club)
Check Cashing (non-member - on us) Fee$ 5.00per check
Deposited Item Return Fee$10.00per item
Dormant Account Fee$ 5.00per quarter after 2 years
Fax Service, Personal (long distance) Fee$ 2.00per page (waived for S.M.A.R.T. Club)
Foreign Deposit Collection Fee$20.00per item
Items Sent for Collection Fee$10.00per item
Legal Process Fee$50.00each time
Photocopy of CU-Issued Check Fee$ 2.00each
Returned Mail Fee$ 5.00each time
Signature Guarantee Fee$15.00each
Statement Copy (additional) Fee$ 5.00per copy
Shared Branching Fee$ 1.00per transaction after 6
Plastic Card Replacement Fee$20.00each time
PIN Replacement Fee$ 5.00each time
Wire Transfer (international) Fee$40.00per transfer
Wire Transfer (outgoing) Fee$20.00per transfer
NSF Fee$30.00per item
Paper Statement Fee$3.00per statement
Travel Prepaid Card Fee$9.95per card
Reloadable Debit Card Fee$9.95per card
Gift Card Fee$3.00per card
In Branch Reload Fee$2.00per reload
Microfilm Development of VISA Sales Draft Fee$ 2.00each
Nonproprietary ATM Withdrawal/Transfer Fee$ 1.00each after six ATM withdrawals in a month at no charge
Rush Order on Plastic Card Fee$25.00per order
Rush Order on PIN Number Fee$25.00per order
NSF Fee$30.00per item
ATM Deposit Correction Fee$ 2.00per item
ATM/Service Center Returned Item$ 6.00per item
ATM Empty Envelope Deposit Fee$30.00each
SAFE DEPOSIT BOX RENTAL FEES (Grand Junction Branch Only)
3” x 5”$29.00annually
3” x 10”$49.00annually
5” x 10”$49.00annually
Change of Lock/Keys$10.00per time
Drilling of Box FeePaid directly to drilling service
Late Fee$20.0030 days past due
Late Payment Fee$10 - $25.00A late fee may be assessed at 10 days+ past due. Late charges range depending on loan product.
Loan Re-Application Fee$15.00(expires after 3 months)
Subordination Fee$150.00per request
*Fees effective as of 6/1/2019. Subject to change at any time. S.M.A.R.T. Club is the special program for members at 55+ who keep at least $2,000 in loan or deposit account balances.