Tiny Chip - Big Protection. EMV Debit Cards Coming August 2016.

At Sooper Credit Union, we believe our members deserve the best in financial technology. In order to fight fraud and protect consumers, Sooper is upgrading all of our debit cards to include EMV chip technology in August 2016. For additional security, all members will receive a new card number when they receive their EMV chip debit card. To activate your EMV chip debit card, members will need to have their card number, the last four numbers of the primary account holder's social security number and their birth date.

EMV chip-enabled cards help protect your information against counterfeit fraud by generating a unique security code each time you use it. Not sure how to use your chip card? This video demonstrates how to use your chip card at a merchant terminal.

Generally when you use an EMV chip-enabled debit card to make a payment, you have the option as paying as either "debit" or "credit". If you choose the debit option, you enter your PIN and if you choose the credit option, it usually requires a signature unless the amount is below a certain dollar amount (ex: $50). However, some merchants (including King Soopers, City Market and Walmart) no longer appear to offer the option to use a an EMV chip-enabled debit card as "credit". Please know that this is not a setting that Sooper Credit Union can control. It is the merchant that decides how to accept debit cards.

Because of this, if you have forgotten your PIN or need assistance, please call us at 303-427-5005 (toll-free at 1-888-SOOPER-1) or visit your local branch.

EMV Chip-Enabled Credit Cards

Sooper EMV chip-enabled debit cards rolled out to members in June 2016. Credit card holders can now see their card information in online banking with your other accounts. If you received a new EMV chip enabled credit card, please remember to update update any automatic payments you have with merchants (streaming services, gym memberships, etc.) with your new card number.

To see the full benefits offered with our new MasterCard credit cards, click here. To see your new MasterCard Credit Line Account Agreement and Disclosure, please select the correct link for your card type below: