Jane F.

Member since 2008

"The tellers know me by my name, not a number. They are fast, efficient and very nice!"

Becky B.

Member since 1990

"There isn't a better credit union anywhere. We will never change how we bank. We have been customers a long time. Sooper folks at a Sooper credit union!"

Brian O.

Member since 1981

"I love the convenience of online banking and shared branching. No matter where I'm at, it's always easy to access my account!"

Matthew H., Huffman Surveying

Member since 2012

"The staff at Sooper Credit Union are always welcoming and friendly. They are a trusted business resource and I recommend their services regularly. Thanks Sooper CU."

Catherine M., P&C Agency

Member since 2010

"When we moved our business to Arvada, the first thing we did after signing the lease was to open our business account at Sooper CU. The tellers are friendly and efficient and I love that the drive through is open earlier and later than at other banking institutions - very convenient for a business owner. We are very happy with our partnership with Sooper Credit Union!"

Janice J.

Member since 2012

"I love Sooper Credit Union; so much better than a bank. Safer, friendlier. I am very glad I have this as a benefit where I work. I feel more comfortable here than at a bank."